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The Project:


The project’s objective is to enable Israelis and tourists to celebrate Israel’s ethnic diversity which contributes to the unique character and strength of Israeli society.  The project provides a platform for the community that feels that its narrative, culture, and traditions are not sufficiently familiar to Israeli society. Moreover, foreign tourists rarely have interaction with this community when they visit Israel. Their involvement in this program and the broadening of the tourist experience will, in turn, contribute to the economic empowerment of the local Ethiopian Jewish community.



Community Tourism around the story of the Ethiopian Community.


The social experiential project aims to expose the narrative of Ethiopian Jewry to any delegations who will participate in our one-day program in Beersheba and also in different part of the country. Participants will experience the unique culture and qualities of the community and the challenges they now face. The program has the potential to enhance the economic and professional empowerment of the local Ethiopian community.


The one day program involves lectures, guided tours, home hospitality with Ethiopian food, traditional ethnic craft workshops (pottery, embroidery), music and dance programs, discussions with a Kess ( Jewish Ethiopian spiritual leader) and local leaders about contemporary social challenges.


The initiative will promote local small businesses, take local residents out of the poverty cycle, and empower community members to present their narrative to the wider Israeli society and to Diaspora Jewry.

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